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"The World Beneath Your Feet"
Wild Caving Excursions
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The underground environment is the least explored area of earth.  Beneath our feet, exists entire ecosystems mostly unknown to man, lies delicate crystalline formations that have formed over thousands of years, and waits curious creatures most alien to our sun-lit environment.
Human-kind's association with caves extends back to our very beginnings.  Man has used caves as a source of shelter, water, burial, and for resources such as minerals and tools.  The remnants of this history is visible in many of the caves which Horizons has access to. 
Caves display spectacular decorations or speleothems which have slowly and sometimes inexplicably, formed over the millennia.  We think an antique chair is intriguing yet in a cave, you can directly experience human and geological history a thousand time older than our "antiques." 
The cave is so vastly different that the world we live in...dark, consistently cool, and sometimes tight and crowded...simply visiting and exploring a cave is a very real challenge for many folks.
Why explore a cave?
  • Because it is a fragile, surrealistic environment unique on earth
  • Because of the challenge of facing ill-conceived misconceptions about caves and their inhabitants
  • Because of the possibility of finding new and unexplored passages and the "treasures" (formations, historical and otherwise) that may exist
  • Because crawling around and getting muddy can be a blast!

We are not referring here to a brief walk on electrically lit, handrail guarded trails looking at man-altered creations of the cave surrounding.  We ARE talking about an adventure into a foreign world, using your own light and knowledge to learn and experience some things about yourself and the environment around you.

  • Cave exploration is conducted in accordance with National Speleological Society (NSS) guidelines for protection of the cave and of the participants
  • In general, trips are appropriate for ages 11 through adult
  • Cave explorations available from 4 hours to full day, week-long caving camps
  • Several cave/location options available based on group size, age, physical difficulty, drive-time and group objectives
  • Horizons will provide instruction, helmets, headlamps, batteries and gloves.  Cover-alls available for adults
  • Cost ranges from $35 to $55 per person depending on cave location, length of program and group size
  • Group size is best limited to around 12 persons but Horizons can accommodate a caving group of up to 25 with limited options on cave choice
Please give us a call at 865-281-9870 to discuss scheduling a caving adventure for your group!

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