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Team Preparing for a Launch

Nuclear Disarmement Simulator

"The United States Government just asked you to save the world...

Anybody want to say no?" 

Your team has been briefed, the mission lays before you.  The rest is in YOUR hands.

As you consider the mission, your mind begins to question...

Do I have the "right stuff" to lead my team?

What will be required of me?  How will my team handle the challenge?



These thoughts swirl through your mind as you embark on Horizons' 
The Adventure Into Leadership

The Space Shuttle Simulator

The Program Structure

The structure for the overall event simulates a competitive business atmosphere wherein your choices have financial, and sometimes human consequences.   Those choices will ultimately determine how you stack up against the other teams and whether or not your team will be able to "launch" a success at the end of the day.

The program my be undertaken by intact work groups or individual executives.  Many teams have found that the experience gained crystallizes many  of the concepts they may have heard, but not practiced about teamwork and leadership.  The program is especially effective when combined with a Leadership Styles Inventory to help executives understand their habits, their comfort zones and how to set specific goals about how they manage their team.

The program will be tailored and debriefed to concentrate on each of the specific objectives of your organization. 

Climbing and Rappelling - Asteroid Descent

Before the Subterranean Traverse

Common Objectives and Outcomes

Provides clients with the ultimate experiential arena to explore and
grow their leadership habits and practices

Tests mental, physical and even emotional character

Discover and rely on your core strengths and those of your team

Experience real, tangible and immediate successes and failures

Build teamwork in a fun and engaging setting!

The Final Challenge

The Location

The location for the Adventure is
Cove Lake State Park
Caryville, Tennessee

Cove Lake State Park's 673 acres are situated in a beautiful mountain valley setting on the eastern edge of the Cumberland Mountains. There are scenic nature trails and bike trails leading through the open grasslands and woodlands. In the winter, several hundred Canada Geese make this lake shore their feeding ground. Nearby is the Devil's Race Track whose steep pinnacle rock affords a panoramic view.

"Enjoyed the atmosphere-well run program"

"Awesome Day!"

"Staff were very helpful and could not have done a better job"

"Awesome experience"

"Great program!! Instructors were helpful and provided a lot of support"

"Very enjoyable and challenging. Great day. Learned a lot about myself and working as teams"


"The facilitators were outstanding and the day was a learning experience and very enjoyable"

- Client Evaluation Comments