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What Is Experiential Learning?
Experiential Training and Development is an approach to organizational learning used to develop relationships, enhance performance, or influence organization-wide improvements. Applicable for individuals or groups, Experiential Training and Development initiatives typically include elements of action, reflection, discussion, transfer and support.

The best Experiential Training and Development consists of time-tested methods blended with cutting-edge content. It focuses on specific outcomes and is led by highly trained professionals able to help your organization, your leaders, or your groups make tangible and meaningful transfers between the training experience and organizational challenges. 

Experiential Learning is really a process more than an activity.  The activities rarely teach anything by themselves...they are simply the foundation or the arena of a process of:

  • experience---leading to a time of
  • interpretation (about effective and non-effective team dynamics)---leading to a discussion of
  • generalization about those patterns--and then an opportunity to
  • apply what is learned with another opportunity of experience


What are the Costs of your Programs?
Horizons' programs range from $15 per person for short get acquainted ice breaker sessions to $165 per day for the more intense levels of training.  It would be difficult to list each program cost here since the client's objectives (which determines the length of the training and number of staff required), workshop location, size of the group AND the specific activities will alter the programs cost.

Please be aware that what you are paying for when contracting for an experience based training is mostly professional facilitation by a staff who have developed an eye towards seeing and interpreting group dynamics and leading a group in a productive debrief and discussion to maximize teamwork, leadership or whatever the group's objectives may be.  The activities or challenges of the ropes course, portable challenges, state park, etc. are simply the facility of this process...they open the the door to group change with actions that are intrinsically enjoyable and provide a sense of motivation through adventure.

A qualified professional experiential facilitator will, in addition to these "soft" group process abilities, also typically possess a high level of outdoor and adventure skills such as rope "belaying", spotting, first-aid, water recreation certifications. 
All of Horizons lead facilitators are degreed professionals with extensive experience in the field of group and team development. It is our mission to provide high quality, individualized programs that provide excellent value and dramatic impact . We believe that when you compare our program costs with any other type of training and development, and factor in our reputation, experience and safety record, that you will find Horizons to be a very good value.

In addition to the staff cost, you also are paying for the activity or facility of your training, whether that location be a ropes challenge course, a cliff face, a state or national park, or a conference room at a luxury resort.  Typically, a significant amount of outdoor gear or challenge props are used with experience based trainings. 
Finally, you should know that Horizons (as does all reputable training organization) carries liability insurance which also add to the cost of all programs. 
Horizons does discount for non-profit, youth or large groups.




How Long Does A Program Last?
Horizons provides programs that last from a couple of hours for light and easy get-acquainted sessions to multiple day Leadership Development programs.  We typically begin each program development with a conversation and assessment of the client's objectives and develop the program from there.  The objectives drive the length and cost of the program accordingly.
For experience based trainings where you are relying on the Learning Theory Process of using the activities to provide opportunity for a group to see itself and its team dynamics...reflect on those observations...then devise and implement new methods of interaction...should commit at least full day for the program.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely more interested in your money than your outcome.
One should be willing to commit and invest a reasonable amount of time for a Horizons training program.  Experiential Based/Action Oriented Learning can accomplish great things...but it will not overcome 10 years of conflict and disorder in a couple of hours of fun in one afternoon! 

High Element Challenge.JPG

Do I Have to be Physically Fit to Participate?
Most everyone adjusts their level of participation at some point during an experiential training program.  Whether for physical reasons such as an injury or physical condition, a comfort zone issue or perhaps someone simply being new to the group...everyone will not be performing the same roles and tasks during the challenges.  Just as in your work environment, everyone doesn't do the same tasks as the same level.  If someone chooses to lower their physical involvement during an activity, there are however, still numerous ways to support the team's efforts on a ropes challenge course just as their is in a work environment.  We operate with a Challenge of Choice philosophy where we strongly encourage everyone to freely make their own choice about their level of involvement in every activity.

Horizons can easily adapt and adjust the program activities and settings to match the level of physical, cerebral and social difficulty that your team desires. 

What about Meals during a Program?
Horizons is able to provide a wide range of appetizing and affordable meals and snacks to accompany your training program.  Whether at a ropes course program at the Crittenton Center (click
here to access a download of the Crittenton menu) or off on an adventure at Ijams Nature Center...we are happy to arrange for meals to suit your group and budget.



We really appreciate all you do to make the day so good, safe, and full of experiences to take back to work.

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